5 Tips for Outstanding Sales Prospecting Emails

Oleg Campbell
3 min readJul 27, 2015

Do you ever open a prospective email or delete it at once? Many factors influence you decision. Let’s check it out.

Email prospecting has been an important tool for effective sales. However, you need to learn how to send the right content to the right prospect at the right time. Just invest some time to composing personal emails for every prospect. Eventually, you can also customize them a bit and have the same result as if you were writing all of them from the scratch.

Now here are 5 quick tips on how to send first-rate prospecting automation emails.

1. Keep a balance between e-mail automation and personalization

Write personal letters whenever it is possible. E-mail automation is not bad at all, but customizing your templates is much better. The recipient of the message should feel that you have spent some time to consider his/her situation exclusively.

This approach is better to use when you just start establishing connection with the prospect.

When prospects know what you want and how they can benefit from your product, they will surely be more interested in reading automated emails from you.

2. Compose Emails for Mobile

Nowadays it’s not that easy to catch a prospect at the right time to read your email, for many of them do not just seat at their cozy officea. In today’s reality many prospects will probably read your email on their gadgets while eating at the restaurant or waiting in line for a cup of tea. Therefore, to make your messages impact their recipient compose them with mobile mentality.

Formatting plays an important role here. Please keep in mind that a picture that looks perfectly on your desktop computer may be a complete catastrophe on a smartphone screen.

To avoid such failures try previewing your messages on your own gadget before finalizing templates in your prospecting automation tool. It will help you keep your messages to the point and make it displayed correctly on every mobile device.

3. Check everything

When we speak of e-mail automation for cold e-mails everything should be checked:

  • the best time to send letters to your prospects;
  • the length of your email;
  • the number of attached links and context.

Every single sales environment differs from one to another. Thus, A/B testing your email templates can give quality opening points.

4. Sign your work

When you get an email from unknown person, in most cases you check a signature. It is considered a good manner to put your signature at the end of every email. When a prospect gets your message, he/she will probably look the whole content through to reach your signature. As a result, prospects will show particular interest further than simply opening the letter. And you should always sign your letters to stir interest, and help the prospect find additional means of contacting you.

To engage your prospect, something attractive should be put in your electronic mail signature. It should be aimed to provide additional value. For example, give a link to a special sample of content that you produce and suppose that a prospect like. If you have a demo of forthcoming product release, just share it in the signature.

Always remember that your signature is the perfect place for vital links that cannot be placed in the body of your message for some reasons.

5. Speak the Prospect’s Language

Slang isn’t always that bad. When you need to address thousands of cold contacts, you should not use insider language. However, when you avoid using jargon with a knowledgeable audience, you may stay closer to them. Then what should you do?

You should always know who your prospect is to write the right letter. Always use specific terms, slang or jargon when it is suitable. In such a way a prospect will identify that you are aware of what you write — it is much more comfortable to deal with somebody who speaks the same language.

Composing outstanding prospecting emails is both a science and an art. When you speak to your prospects their language and write them personalized letters, you will have more chances to achieve great results. Compose emails with mobile mentality to spread your audience. And always check everything!

Hope that these tips will indisputably help you make your prospective e-mail automation more attractive and beneficial.



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